The Muni Credit News is devoted to the provision of the most current and objective reporting on events impacting municipal bond credits for individual and small institutional investors. It is not sponsored by any financial institution. It is instead designed to deliver information without the influence of any trading or sales profit motives. As such, it seeks to become an investor’s source of the best unbiased municipal credit information available.

Joseph Krist has spent parts of the last five decades researching, analyzing and writing about municipal credits. He has covered every sector of the municipal credit spectrum from AAA insured credits right down to the riskiest high yield credits on the buy and sell sides at banks, mutual funds, bond insurers. He has been a direct investor as well as a provider of long-term credit support and a liquidity provider. This broad and deep experience – combined with a reputation for independence and insight – provides investors with a unique source of commentary of municipal credit issues.

Mr. Krist is a member of the National Federation of Municipal Analysts and the Municipal Analyst Group of New York.  He has been quoted on municipal credits in the local and national press and is a published author of a chapter on Indian Gaming credits for The Handbook of Municipal Bonds published in 2008.