As you approach the world of municipal bonds, it can be easy to follow the herd and react with the pack. When news about the status or state of municipal bonds hits the grapevine, people will often react as if by unconscious reflex than by careful analysis and planning. In fact, this is what separates the serious investor from the amateurs, the ability to see the game of municipal bonds for the long game that it is and to make decisions about bond investments based on more than herd mentality, but on carefully curated and expertly analyzed data. is for anyone who wants to give their municipal bond investments the highest chance of success possible by following expert financial and investment advice specific to municipal bonds.

Every year, the Mercatus Center of George Mason University uses fiscal obligations (short / long term debt, unfunded pensions, etc.) to rank the financial health of each U.S. state and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Financial solvency in five areas is measured to determine rank. Those five areas are cash, budget, debt, term (ability of the jurisdiction to meet long term financial commitments in the event of depression / recession), and service (amount of fiscal slack available in the event citizens within a jurisdiction require or demand more state funding for services).

The Mercatus Center survey is one of many released on a regular basis used by municipal bond investors to make decisions about their bond portfolios. Unfortunately, the Mercatus Center doesn’t offer financial and investment advice with the release of the survey, it only offers the data for individual interpretation. Almost as soon as a new survey is released, amateurs and serious investors alike will attempt to digest the information and use it to give themselves an edge in bond investments. The problem comes when you lack the necessary experience and insight to use the information to your advantage. The amateur investor will often base decisions on a gut instinct that’s never been tuned to the world of investments, while the serious investor uses information like reliable survey data to make laser focused and highly strategized investment decisions.

Whether you’re an experienced municipal bond investor who’s looking for a second opinion or a amateur who wants to learn how to invest like a pro, has financial and investment advice that you can use to give your portfolio the edge you’ve been looking for. Offered by a series 7 and 63 licensed member of the National Federation of Municipal Analysts, Joseph Krist has spent significant time over the last five decades researching and analyzing municipal bonds and publishes to make basic financial and investment advice available to the masses.

For municipal bond financial and investment advice based on your specific goals and current portfolio, he also offers one-on-one consulting and personal bond analysis.

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